Composer Template Consulting

No matter if you are an established composer, a beginner or a hobbyist, todays music making usually involves more than just the actual writing. Nowadays composers are usually writer, orchestrator, mixer, (sometimes) mastering engineer, IT specialist - all at the same time. There are a lot of factors that come into play, when it gets to a streamlined and efficient composing workflow.


Over the last 10 years through my own work as a Film, TV and Media composer I have gained a lot of knowledge about composing rig setups, Master/Slave setups and broad knowledge about todays virtual instrument, plugin and sampling market.

Now that I am in the Los Angeles area, I am offering a dedicated consulting service for composers, who want to improve their workflow, streamline their (samplestration) writing and optimize their rig setups (from single machine to multi slave systems).

For now this service is limited to PC based systems and the following DAWs

  • Steinberg Cubase / Nuendo

  • Presonus Studio One

  • Ableton Live

In the near future I plan on upgrading this to DP and Logic as well as Mac based systems. 

What's included?

  1. I will come to your studio for a full day (8 hours) and analyze with you your current system and workflow

  2. In case needed, we go through minimum hardware requirements to get going

  3. We will setup a template with your DAW and VEPro (although Cubase is my personal DAW of choice, this system is also transferable to other DAWs) 

  4. Setting up a streamlined grouping, bussing and FX system to cover most of the everday tasks of a media composer for delivery.

  5. Controlling your DAW and samples from your Ipad with custom TouchOSC layouts


  •  valid software licenses for your DAW / VSL VEPro / Samples / Plugins

  • solid computer (i7 processor or similar, 32GB Ram, SSD drives recommended)

  • Ipad or Android tablet for TouchOSC control surface

  • patience ;)

Call now to set up an appointment 1 (909) 272 0214 

or contact me

Dirk Ehlert

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